BTEC Advanced Professional
Diploma in Business Administration
(Edexcel Level - 7)

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Advanced professional development

Preparation and implementation of a personal development plan and evaluate the effectiveness of my learning with references to skill audit and identification of those skills to be developed and the actions I plan to take to meet the goals. It is needed to determine the short/medium/long term goals and objectives, and clearly make out target dates for monitoring and reassess.

Personal development Plan:

Personal development Plan (PDP) can be defined as a structured and supported process undertaken by individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development. It stands for personal development plan which we can use to achieve our future goals and objectives there is no specific format or model. We can construct the model of our own choice which we can apply in our life to acquire our aspiration goals or objectives. PDP is also important for any types of business as well as personal skills. PDP embraces a range of approaches to learning that connect planning (an individual's goals and intentions for learning or achievement), doing (aligning actions to intentions), recording (thoughts, ideas, experiences, in order to understand and evidence the process and results of learning) and reflection (reviewing and evaluating experiences and the results of learning).

People plan each and every day, but the main and important part is to implement these plans. Personal development also includes the development of other people. There are lot of outcomes of PDP includes:

  • Getting your strength back

  • Construction of potency

  • Identifying or on the road to recovery

  • Constructing employability

  • Attractive life approach

  • Recognize thoughts or satisfying

These are the main keys of PDP which can be implemented in personal life as well as in any business organization. The PDP also include the attainment of knowledge, skills, purpose of increasing individual performance and self-indulgent. Personal development is led by the individual, in contrast to employee development, which is initiated by company or organization

PDP system:

The PDP system is to maintain the beginning of a complete advancement by creating an on-line application that will make possible the planning and recording aspects of the PDP process. The complete PDP process is defined by curricular and extra-curricular activities that are carried out by the student and academic staff, individually or together. These could contain critical self-assessment, goal setting, action planning, evidence gathering, recording learning experiences and other related activities.

Personal development plan:

  • Setting up realistic goals for me: These goals must be something I truly wish to practice. The goals which will encourage me if I do not set motivating goals then the chances for me not being able to overcome obstacles when I come upon them increases.

  • Taking action: After setting up goals first work is to take action on it. So it is time to start to take action to shift nearer to them. Whatever hard or difficult I have to take action on my own plans to achieve my certain goals.

  • Handling tough situation: After all what I should give my attention to keep on to raise. Always have to be open to the opportunities; and do not be frightened to take any difficult action. For any new things, new plan it is really difficult to cope with it but when there is a need to go through plan then I have to take decision whatever hard these are.

  • Rejoice my achievement: Everyone necessitates acknowledgment for their achievements. If anyone does not accept acknowledgment; he/she may become discouraged and refrain from working towards his/her goals. Therefore I need to gain knowledge of how to rejoice every tiny accomplishment.

  • Writing down all plans and achievements: As my concern it is really important to write down even a simple plan that has to be done or any success. As I am a student of MBA and I am studying about Personal and professional development I have learnt these things that how to do these.

A personal development plan (PDP) is a tool that can identify areas for further development and encourage lifelong learning. A PDP can identify goals for the forthcoming year and methods for achieving these goals. PDPs have been advocated as a basis for continuing professional development (CPD).

"Personal Development Planning can be defined as a process that helps you to think about your own learning, performance and/or achievements and to plan for your personal, educational and career development."


"Personal Development Planning (PDP) has been defined as a structured and supported process, which will help you think about your own learning and achievement and plan for your education and career development."

PDP is the key to make awareness of me that I can know the works I have to do and what will be my next work after that. It counts the progress how I am continuing with my plans and what are the outcomes.

As I feel that it is really essential to have PDP system for everyone's life even in any business sector, I try to consider appropriate system on it.


To achieve the best consequence and achieving the targets efficiently every one needs to plan for the betterment of their life. But some people plan and some they don't. for me I need PDP because I need to build up my carrier through well plan. So that I can easily see myself where I will stand after a certain time period. In my PDP I can easily plan and see what target I am going to achieve and what kind of problems and difficulties I will suffer during my journey to my goal. Only PDP will help me to seize my and my strengths and weaknesses.


For this first of all I need to originate a layout in which I can write all about my goals and objectives that I am going to achieve. In that layout I have to mention my different types of goals such as short/medium/long terms goals, objectives and the understanding. I would like to write down my aspiration when I will go through this progression. I will clearly mention my aspiration which makes me work accordingly. To make the PDP work for me its depends on me how much benefit I can derive from PDP model, IT is important to keep in mind certain key point before writing the PDP systems; such as,

  • What are my strengths?

  • What can I do ?

  • What may help me to achieve my goals?

  • What are my weaknesses?

  • How can I resolve my weaknesses to reach my goals?

  • What should I remove during my process of action?

For me these are the key process I should consider through my PDP plan and as well as implementation. Before constructing any layout I should consider the above mentioned points in my mind that what are the things I am good at and which part seems difficult to me and which one helps me through my progress and what are the factors which can stop me achieving my goals. And almost every one is aware about their weaknesses and strengths, and if anyone can find his weaknesses it is not impossible to reaching goals or destination.

Where am I now?

Before planning and constructing any PDP system I need to look at me first. Because I am planning for my future. And if I don't know that where I am at this moment how I will develop plan? I have consider my all learning gaps that I have and I have to well analyze about my own skills, strengths and weaknesses. If I can identify all the things it will be easy for me to develop a script about my Personal Development Plan.

Where is my destination?

It is really difficult to think about the destination because it exists on future. The chance of failure of Personal Development Plan is that most of the people do not know exactly what their exact destination is. They do not know where they are and where they have to go. If someone does not know where he is and where he has to go then how he will pursue his life. It's really difficult. For me if I know this it will be easier for me to achieve my destination.

For example currently I am student of MBA and I have completed my bachelor and currently I am doing job in Pizza Hut as a support manager with my Bachelor degree. My objective is to get my MBA degree from UK and with the academic and professional degree I can show my interest to become RGM of my store. This is the preliminary example.

But for that achievement I have to draw a time line in a way which will lead me to my desire goal. In that time line I have to mention my qualification, I am going to get after finishing my current course and where that course will lead me, so my long term objective in my model should become the top level in my organization. I have to keep this in my mind and have to work accordingly. Once you have considered all of the factors, you will have decided on a future goal. So the first step is what qualification I have already achieved and in which stage I am now and what I have to attain more to achieving my goals.

How I can reach there?

Learning gap is another important factor what we have to keep in mind. Before I think about to my goals I have to plan and identify my learning gaps. And how I get there I can split my tasks in small pieces. This is an effective way to achieve my goals without losing my concentration from my aim. I should think myself before making the model where exactly I am, my potentials, hobbies, power, likeness, and unlikeness my personal and professional skills.

If I know all these it will help me in planning my goals. I will divide my goals to different sectors such as short term, medium term and long terms. These short term and medium term goals have different meaning for different people. Some think the short term is for six months or a year and some think about medium term as 3 to 4 years. It really depend on the person who is planning and for what purpose he is planning his PDP.

As I am a student of MBA and I am doing part time job as well, I will choose my PDP model for the education and how to develop my job position with my educational qualification. For this I analyze about myself that what I achieved and where I am now and what else I have to do.

Personal Development Plan:

Current situation

Critical analysis





Short Term ............. 6 months to 1 year ...........Short term goal

Medium term .......... 2 years to 3 years ............Medium term goal

Long Term .............. 4 years to 6 years ............Long term goal

Achievement of
Final goals

As I want to complete my present task first, my first short term plan is to complete the present study to achieve the MBA degree. To do so I need to go to college regularly whatever busy I am with other jobs. If I go to college and do my work in proper time being then I can achieve my first and very important goal. After that as I told earlier that I am working in Pizza Hut as a support manager and I want to become Restaurant General Manager (RGM). So, my first plan is to complete my qualification and second is to become RGM along with the Master's degree in Business Administration.

As long as I will finish my study I will do my job properly as a support manager and keep an eye that how my RGM runs the store in proper way. It is also a plan to be developed.

If I think about my strengths and weaknesses it is possible to find most of these. After analysing I found that I have good informational and telecommunication skill as well as good interpersonal skill and obviously organisational skill that I can achieve my strategic goal.

I have to work on my limited qualifications and I want to improve my educational qualifications by concentrating on vocational skills rather than formal exam-based courses.

However there are certain threats always come to destroy people's objectives. Such as: Change to organisational imminent, possible detachment and most importantly lack of resources (Money / time).

How to Develop Personal skills?

1. Setting up my goals: It is the beginning of any objective which I should do in improving myself. First of all I have to determine that what I want in life and what I want to attain in the long run. This is essential in order for me to find out if what I need do to be a better person.

2. Making up my development plan: When I will determine my goals in life, the next step is for me to make my own personal development plan. The plan will serve as my guide in achieving my goals in life.

3. Putting my plan into action: Putting the personal development plan into action is the most difficult step in improving self. However it can be made somehow easier and simpler by just starting with small steps one at a time. After all, it is better to start with small steps slowly but surely rather than start with bigger insignificant steps forward

4. Being responsible: Most importantly I have to be responsible in everything and anything that I do. Accept all my shortcomings wholeheartedly and promise self to make everything correctly the next time around. Moreover, I also need to be open-minded when it comes to the results of my pursuit in becoming a better and successful person. In doing so, I can easily accept any possible failures and simply move forward.

5. Making sure to improve myself daily: Personal development skills are already within everyone. We just need to improve those skills in order to be a better person, attain happiness, and be successful at the end of the day. In fact, it is preferable for us to improve my personal development skills daily to have fruitful results. I should be able to find some Personal Reflection Affirmations (PRA) from some self improvement websites.

How to Develop Professional Skill?

Professional development is the process by which a person maintains the quality and relevance of professional services throughout his/her working life. It has been defined by the Institute for Continuing Professional Development as:

"The systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and the development of personal qualities necessary for the education of professional and technical duties throughout the practitioner's working life."

There are two principal objectives.

The first objective is to highlight the skills required for successful, lifelong professional development. These skills, like many others in life, can only be acquired by coaching and by practise.

The second objective, therefore, is to suggest strategies and methodologies that can assist in the acquisition of professional development skills.


For many people in further and higher education, professional development is synonymous with short courses or with post-graduate qualifications. However, professional development is more than training or continuing education - increasingly it is recognised that learning also occurs in the work-place, as an integral part of working. Work-based learning focuses on solving real-world problems. The time and effort invested in the learning are immediately rewarded through completing the task in hand and the usefulness of such learning, together with the short-term nature of the rewards, improves the motivation to learn

To improve Professional skills therefore need a wide range of learning situations. As my perspective everybody needs to have followings:

  • Private study and reading

  • Attending conferences and seminars

  • Preparing papers and presentations

  • Committee work

  • Working with others outside the organisation

  • Conversation and discussions with others

  • Courses and distance learning

  • Researching the solution to problems

  • Collaborative work with colleagues

  • Synergy

Professional development also includes the full range of intellectual discipline, from conceptual understanding to the practical application of knowledge. The informal and ad-hoc nature of much professional development poses problems for us as educationalists. How do we evaluate and assess it? How can we recognise and reward it? Delivering professional development on demand to practising materials technologists using a variety of learning modes will require new approaches to teaching and learning, and should make use of modern information technologies, adapted and adopted for teaching and learning.

To ensure success for my company and for myself as well I need to have a broad range of skills relating to management and leadership. Based on my current role and situation, this tool has prioritised the most important areas that I need to concentrate on and will point me in the right direction for further advice and training. I need some important skills that need to be development. These are:

Communicating, decision-making, leadership, prioritising, valuing and supporting others, motivating, analysing, delegating and reporting.

Effective Professional Development:

'Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'
'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cheshire Cat.
'I don't much care where,' said Alice.
'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat.
'So long as I get somewhere,' Alice added as an explanation.
'Oh, you're sure to do that,' said the Cat, 'if you only walk long enough.'

Lewis Carroll (1865)

Though I found a lot of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities there are lot of obstacles to achieving objectives and I have to identify and overcome these. To resolve these obstacles the best possible way for me to ask for help and cooperation those who are around me and allowing time to be spontaneous. And I have to be realistic in my planning, approach and should not set myself up to fail.

I have to try continually to eliminate unnecessary tasks and making sure not jot down my schedules and priorities on paper and review my long term and intermediate goals often and keep a list where I will see it often.


It is not possible to be everything to everyone but for the personal development plan the most important factor is time management. If I have some control over certain events of my life I can be responsible for my plan to be succeeded. To do such, developing priorities is critical to any successful time management technique. Without priorities it is really difficult to get anything accomplished or focus on the most important tasks. In the end, if I can concentrate on my personal development plan then I will be succeeding in my life. So everyone should avoid last minute cramming and plan ahead.





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