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Brooms are sweeping devices used in all kinds of places that need routine cleaning - homes, offices, stores, garages, construction sites, roads, warehouses, open areas and countless more.

They are the oldest devices used by man across geographies and cultures.

The first brooms were made from twigs, shrubs and branches. With time, brooms have evolved in shape, material and applications.

Materials used in brooms

Brooms consist of a sweeping head and a handle or shaft. Broomcorn is the most common material used in making brooms, though leaf fiber of palm trees is more popular in tropical countries. Plastic and synthetic fiber strands are also used in modern brooms. Some industrial brooms are equipped with rubber or wire teeth.

Traditional brooms have handles in the form of long wooden or plastic stick. They are sturdier and have a longer life. Lighter brooms have hollow handles made up of aluminum, plastic or rubber. Though easier to handle, these brooms break easily.

Types of brooms

There are many types of brooms that can help you get your work done:

Corn brooms

The triangular head of corn brooms is made up of corn fiber bristles that can hold even tiny particles of dirt. They can have plastic fibers treated with chemicals to enhance their capability to collect debris. These brooms have a wooden or plastic shaft.

Industrial corn booms are more sturdily designed for heavy work. They have denser strands for thorough cleaning of rough industrial floors.

Whisk brooms

These brooms have shorter handles than corn brooms. They can access tight places such as floors inside vehicles, behind refrigerators, etc. or picnic tables and tents. Whisk broom heads have corn or plastic fibers.

Push brooms

Push brooms have wide rectangular heads with thick bristles. The head is a wooden block with bristles that attaches to a wooden or plastic handle. Push brooms have to be pushed to sweep. They allow quick sweeping of large areas such as hospital corridors, driveways, etc. Industrial

push brooms use synthetic fibers for durability and easy washing. The bristles can be treated to resist grease, solvents and oil.

Electric brooms

Electric brooms work very similar to a vacuum cleaner. They work on rechargeable batteries, are cordless and look like thin upright versions of vacuum cleaners.

Snow brooms

A snow broom can push, drag or sweep snow off vehicles. It has a telescopic handle for better reach. The head is like a brush made of synthetic fibers that do not damage the vehicle's finish during scraping.

Flat brooms

Brooms with evenly trimmed flat bottoms are called flat brooms. They have a wide reach.

Fan brooms

Fan brooms have a fan shaped head and long reach. They are commonly used to clean hearths of fireplaces.

Turkey-wing broom

A turkey-wing broom is similar to a fan broom, but has a longer and wider reach.

Camper broom

A camper broom ordinarily has a short handle for cleaning in cramped places.

Besom broom

An old version of brooms, the besom broom has a head made of a round bundle of twigs.

Angled broom

Angled brooms have heads that are trimmed in an angle for better cleaning of corners and niches.

Concrete finishing broom

This broom has a head of stiff fibers that is dragged over freshly laid concrete to give it a textured look.

Specialty brooms

Many brooms have been created to suit special needs. There are brooms that can:

    � sweep streets, decks, patios and garages
    � sweep work sites
    � be combined with a squeegee or scraper

Broom suppliers have a repertoire of different brooms. Get the right broom for your sweeping needs.

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