Every Peruvian and generally any person who attempts to analyze the current situation being experienced by our Peru, undoubtedly will face a difficult task, finding an equally bleak picture, resigning to assume an optimistic dawn of hope reflected in recent years in our country is apparently taking a leading role in the Pacific community. Assuming the above, is that I thought it convenient to analyze briefly the current reality is that now characterizes our nation, its different aspects:


It is no admiration, that education in our country is one of the poorest and most unstable as far as Latin America is concerned, this, in consequence of the disastrous and others say ineffective education policies in recent decades has been implemented, just remember that he tried to reform his government intended to introduce former President Fujimori, including the four levels of education (preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary) to the well-remembered high school level would be between the secondary and higher than after two years of experiment gone wrong that many analysts perceive announced long before the results.

We know that every nation and society that lacks an effective policy of education, is doomed to failure and underdevelopment, which is why we can not ignore the binomial Education - Development , point to highlight the previous government of Alberto Fujimori, who under the banner of modernization and technology, opened up the world of globalization to education in Peru, once arriving in getting to places almost inaccessible, but the calls continue as criteria for "educational reform" employed by the state, without take into account that there pluriculturidad the full extent of our country, not enough to provide a book with features that can meet the needs of urban students and try to disguise the real problem with just translate it into different dialects and languages ??that are practice in the extent of our territory in order to pretend to educate the illiterate indigenous, if not taken into account the great differences that are both students, who comes from lack of socialization and difficulty to the high rate of illiteracy existing education policies one after another, they do nothing but put on show the ineptitude and lack of assertiveness in taking appropriate decisions to be consistent with the diverse realities and characteristics of our country.

Another aspect of great importance to the current situation of education in Peru, is undoubtedly the low resources allocated by the State to obtain an excellent education system, this coupled with the lack of opportunities and the marked differences socio - economic of our diverse society, so that while there are parents who can easily provide adequate education to their children of a private nature, there are others who barely manage to get the daily livelihood of his family, not allowing the development of their children, settling for the limited education provided by the State.


Our partnership with over the years has undergone endless changes consistent with the reality of the moment, the company hit hard by terror and terrorism in the 90's, moving to a time of apparent tranquility, to be considered our country as a state classified as unreliable for foreign investment, becoming one of the most reliable investment.

Peru as a multicultural and marked social differences in the three regions of our territory, has in the social aspect of its greatest difficulties for the integration of peoples, which has resulted in lack of identity inhabitants of rural and indigenous peoples, which gets little or no state presence, which is why many of these communities live under the resentment of our authorities, making their voices heard to claim lack of support, remember what happened last August in 2009, in the "Bagua" event that took place in the Peruvian jungle, leaving the balance of more than two dozen people killed, is nothing but the consequences of the lack of presence of been strengthened in the native communities of the lack of integration of our peoples, to be considered marginalized and vulnerable people and their rights as Peruvians.

Policies can be implemented to solve problems but these are of a short-term, long term, the difficulties of our country will have to do with low productivity, poor physical infrastructure as well as in health and education sectors, social inequality, and mentioned very informality and corruption issues.

In my view, the government should give special importance in previously alluded to other aspects of the integration of our peoples and communities, encourage the creation, improvement and maintenance of access roads and trade, which are the basis for the development of all people, contributing equally to the intercultural interaction and diffusion in our country.


Finding ourselves on the threshold of new elections and presidential councilors, the political situation is still the subject of the moment of the questions emerging Who will be our next president?, Will it cover the expectations of the people?, You abide by their pledges?, Among others.

The truth is that the Peruvian people, is married to both demagogue and liar, who call themselves politicians, faced each other in search of power in a political affront rather than an election seems a blatant and unbridled race to enrich themselves and line their pockets with the money of the people are fed up and hear the sweet words of one who in the name of the star says working for the common good of the people, under the banner of the bread for the bread, the aristocrat with a mouth something exorbitant and his banner from the hand of the marginalization of women no threat to national unity, tired of puppets and marionettes that with each act Bolivarian unleash his vehemence, crying to every wind being a nationalist, not knowing that see it's a terrorist, in this our Peru where our leaders are elected by the large crowd of illiterates, where the need is stronger than one's identity as Peruvians, letting you know these politicians falsely that their own consciences are purchased.

If that happens to people of pompous titles literate and good name, we can imagine such as people with low incomes. Foreign countries know us as a culture of bad habits and malicious mischief; clear in general, since there are people worthy of respect.


As we know 2009 was the year that experienced the most heinous international economic crisis of recent years, although it seems to reach macroeconomic stability, favorable prices for investment, low inflation rates and real interest rates, economic growth , etc. The figures sound encouraging ... but just be talking about superficial benefits for economic growth in Peru is not reflected in the profits of most of the population, the government is not aware to say that poverty has declined. Even as GDP / h (Gross Domestic Product per capita), is inefficient and our economy has no clear direction.

We have been living in the chimeras of NAFTA and export, since only provide raw material to foreign countries and the added value of our products is always constant, we still need long-term policy to be competitive.

If someone has been observer companies come to Peru to "invest" do not come to create new enterprises come to buy the already implemented; Is that, is investment? They should advocate for property rights can be seriously affected. On the other hand our judicial system of moral hazard is infectious, and full of bureaucratic boundaries which makes it difficult for the change.

In terms of science and technological advances are concerned, the expenditure to GDP is only 0.15%, the lowest in Latin America, we can see that we proceed in a fateful delay in this matter.


Peru is a developing country that still does not implement environmental protection policies to minimize the degradation of our environment, which is an evil that afflicts the current generation and will affect future generations. Very few people care about this issue, since most claims for a monetary benefit so keep quiet and let degenerate the environment.

Our environment has undergone several changes with the passing of the years, the coastal area, for example, is not being rational as there is overfishing and declining marine resources.

Nationally cities and mining settlements are spreading rapidly causing pollution; tailings in the Sierra are causing serious damage to the natural environment and therefore the population.

A major problem in the Peruvian jungle is the indiscriminate cutting of forests to make way for the illegal cultivation of coca and drug development, that to bring environmental consequences of generating socio-economic problems.

At last I can continue mentioning sections on our present state, the question would be wrong only has Peru? The answer is NO, but mentioning at this point know that emphasize to develop.

It exists in our country, even much to do and is in the hands of everyone, not just the government, which incidentally is the key for change habits hang our reality. It is arduous and not short term, but it is impossible to do.

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