Finding a new location

Rose Beauty is going to expand their services within Budapest, that's why I'm going to represent you a few facts about the new location. Five different sections will describe why my new shop will be the best choice for Rose Beauty Saloon.

Transportation - Parking

Andrassy Street includes a lot of historical moments for the tourist or even for real Hungarians. It's almost unbelievable how many people are running around this district through classic buildings, but also through a modern area. Budapest's traffic network is to understand, because almost every type of vehicle drives around the location. To be more specific, for the car drivers I would advice, to leave their car at home, or at the hotel if we are talking about foreign guests. Parking areas are present, but they are just not too much possibilities for everybody to park nearly, but if we are the lucky one's, than we have to pay per hour around 200 HUF. To see besides the beautiful Saloon something real Hungarian it's more exciting to travel with public transport. The 4. and 6. tram run on schedule, every few minutes, and it will arrive at Oktogon, and from there, it's just a short walk to the Saloon. The difference between the trams and the traditional trolleys are that the trolleys are running "inside" the streets, so that the arrival to the Saloon could even be faster and comfortable for the guests. The 73 trolley stops are at the Andrassy Street, but also number 76 and 78 are a good choice to find and endear a few moments in a fairytale, in the Rose Beauty Saloon.


Budapest is the heart of Europe; it's full with historical buildings and momentums, with tourists and real Hungarian mentality. The most famous Street has a lot of fashion shops, which are very popular and exclusive, that's why tourists can combine a lot of important factors within their visit to Hungary's capital city. The renowned universities and libraries within this district are well-known in Europe, so that Erasmus students are already familiar with the advantage of being in Budapest. The nightlife is bustling in the clubs and caf�s, so a wide range of them makes it possible to find for everybody the right activity. Different types of Restaurants are making the working breaks more special, even at the end of the day, the sound of chill-out music can redeem a stressful day. A number of elegant hotels are under construction, where are also very famous people, with their extra wishes are welcome, to relax after a tiresome day. The Andrassy Street is alive with all their beauty in nearly every season; it's instructive and entertaining at the same time for the mature and younger generation too.

Don't hesitate to visit our traditionally atmosphere with a drop of modernity and confidence.


It is essential for my crew and also for my demanding guests to feel comfortable within the new location. Complicated factors influenced my search for practiced real estate companies, so quotations made my decision more efficient. After a while I found the perfect location, which fulfilled all of my criteria for the Saloon, in a perfect environment. It can be found close to the Andrassy Street, but to be more accurate it's under Nagymezo Street 35. The guests will have a beautiful view to the garden, which was one of the most significant considerations for our team. The nature and the beauty become one within our new location.

The space of the shop will be around 212sqm, which is large enough to come to known, to accommodate and to exercise the new skin technology of Rose Beauty. The Property will also include 3 free Parking's, which is a huge advantage of our company against others, because who would not be glad to have their own car in a 100% safety. A balcony with some convenient furniture makes you feel just like at home, some guest already fell asleep in such an extraordinary milieu.


In this popular area a lot of Beauty Companies can be found, but the most remarkable competitors within our activity are the Hotels. Certain beauty services are included within the registered Wellness Weekends, but the employees are not skillful enough to attend the guest special wishes. A lot of different cosmetic treatments are present, and the professionals have to be prepared for every kind of situation. Unique services will be appreciated, and some extra attention will be drawn to our new technology. Conferences for newcomers will clearly demonstrate how efficient the brand-new contrivance really is. Competitors reacting sensitive, but this will effect a persistent development for every Business that contains Beauty offers. What won't make us weak, that can just makes us even stronger...that would be the best attitude for starting the new business in Budapest. The monopole situation will be created through some extra specialties, but more information about our strategically behavior will be discussed after the jury has voted for my best location.


The Management had long discussions about the property, while the location just should be rent or if the company would even invest in such a profitable business. Firstly, experts advised us, that cautious steps are needed, because of this virgin field that we are flourishing in. Budapest is our first entering zone into Europe, so a few impressions and observations can be experienced. The designated object's rent displays 15,5 Euro/sqm/months + VAT, which comprises a lot of individuality. After the comparison of the prices I realized the standard of Budapest's rentals, but other locations do not even include such positively influenced factors, like the specially treated environment. As I already mentioned, the property includes a "Wellness Zone", the balcony, and additionally it is a newly built location with an elevator, so that even handicapped guest can enjoy our new services. And to make assurance doubly sure a 24h security service is present to support the feeling of relaxing.

All divisions of the topic were discussed, and obviously I like my version more and more.

Hopefully, the upper management will vote beside my location, so that a successful and profitable area can begin for Rose Beauty, and for us.

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