Gems in Year 2010

The year 2010 is a harbinger of hope and marks a gradual shift towards a stable economy. Businesses are focusing on active promotion of their products and services with renewed energy. The power of the internet is being optimized to increase the income potential of businesses and to build a loyal customer base.

Three profit-making avenues businesses cannot afford to miss in 2010 are:

1. Social media marketing

Statistics predict a massive boom in social media activity in 2010. Internet marketers can ride this wave to increase website traffic and generate more conversions. Posting attention-grabbing articles on social media networks can create interest in a brand name, leading to inbound links and more customers for the business. Studies reveal that consumers who are exposed to a brand via social media or pay-per-click ads are at least three times more likely to click and make related searches. Taglines also stick in the minds of people. They search for the brand using the tagline, providing the business with a less competitive keyword. Social media therefore is also an excellent SEO tool.

2. Internet marketing

Internet marketing drives more traffic to the website, and creates sales leads. Pay-per-click ads qualify consumers automatically while search engine optimization ensures the website has high organic ranking and gets the attention of consumers searching on topical keywords. Creating inbound links and linking to reputed websites increases website rank and visibility. Affiliate marketing and registering on web directory listings is also an excellent way to direct interested consumers to the website.

3. VOIP services

Even in the internet age, a phone call has unmatched value. Addressing a customer's concerns over phone is more effective than sending a passive email. Businesses can reduce their phone expenses drastically by using instead of traditional phone systems. VOIP offers easy maintenance and customization, cheap international calls, one network administration (data + voice), remote calling, low phone costs during travel, and videoconferencing.

These dynamic strategies can increase business profits without adding much to expenses. No business can afford to turn a blind eye to such a combination?

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