Introduction to the Glimmers limited

Company's Mission Statement:

"To set world class standards in the Juice industry through providing a diverse range of high quality Juice products that are prepared in accordance with Islamic principles striving to satisfy consumers tastes and needs and serving the Society"

Company's Vision Statement:

"To be a global leader in the Juice industry, dedicated to provide fresh and pure juice with the highest standard of quality & health and a role model for all Juice providers"

Company's Slogan:

"Drinking for fun"

There is a strong emphasis on Research and Design in the new organization together with a willingness to collaborate with other companies to bring advantaged products to the market.

The Glimmers limited Business in Lahore

THE GLIMMERS limited will commence its operation in Lahore from June 2010. The factory facility has been founded on a 10 canal area of land in the Industrial area, Raiwind Road, Lahore.

The factory is expected to match the demand of our products. We have ensured the installation of modern, sophisticated and efficient equipment, conforming to the very latest standards of "Goods Manufacturing Practices".

Literature Review

Today every organization is facing strategic marketing direction (Includes from planning to implementation and then control) challenges. Some are trying to overcome critical problems while others with aspirations of gripping new opportunities in market. In order to plan and implement effective marketing strategy with desired results, we need to know our core competencies, should have fully understanding of present market targeting or product and should be capable of effective advertisement campaign.

Mintzberg (1994) defines Planning as "A formalized procedure to produce an articulated result, in the form of an integrated system of decisions. Thinking about and attempting to control the future is important components of planning".

Gerry et al (2008:02) describes strategy as "The scope of organization's activities". "Strategy is a direction and scope of an organization over the long term, which achieves advantage in a changing environment through its configuration of resources and competences with the aim of stakeholder experience". Gerry et al (2008:03)

David et al (2002:12) explains "Marketing strategy is the determination of basic long-term goals and objectives of an enterprise and the adoption of courses of action and allocation of resources necessary for carrying out these goals".

It very clear from both of above statements that, marketing is a process not one go step, to achieve long-term goals or objectives by deploying competent resources. Strategic planning increase organization's capacity in terms of competitiveness and develops organization's vision, mission and objectives. Strategic planning is a disciplined approach towards Strategic decision that involves deciding activities the organization will concentrate upon. Another characteristic associated with strategy and strategic decision is organization's advantage over competitor regarding its core competencies and resources.

Introduction to CANSIP

People started too perished under the scorching heat of summer in our country. They need a full of energy drink to surmount their thirst. CANSIP is a fresh juice product. It provides energy and keeps people fresh when they are felt weak or tired from doing a lot of work.

It's a Sugarcane juice and contains vitamins and proteins which is a useful energy source. Vitamins give freshness and proteins are the energy cells that recharge the human body so that they work at their maximum.

The students, employees and workers become tired due to the work burden and sunlight which make them feel loose. They need an energy drink that makes them re-energize so they may be able to perform better again and feel fresh.

Ingredients are:

Sugarcane Juice



Lemon Juice

Ascorbic Acid (Contains Vitamin C)

Preservative (natural food preservatives)

Current Market Situation

CANSIP is a fresh juice product that is going to introduce in the Lahore domestic market. We are focusing to all levels of generation. The kids, youths, mature and olds and overall families

The prices of the CANSIP are moderate, because it is for everyone in the society.

Market Demographics:

The customer of the CANSIP consists of following:

a. Geographic's:

The CANSIP geographic target area is currently Lahore. We are supplying our product to all areas of the Lahore.

b. Demographics:

There is an almost equal ratio between male and female and also kids.

Ages 5--- 50 are the customers. We are focusing.

Market Description

The CANSIP is currently facing a very competitive environment. Because the competitors of the CANSIP are:-

* Shezan

* Country

* Nestle

* Fresher

Product Review:

The CANSIP is available in 125ml size and available in different Flavors like:

* CANSIP Original

* CANSIP Lemon

* CANSIP Diet (Sugar Free)

* CANSIP Saline

Product Features:

The products have the following Features:

* Available in different sizes

* Fresh & original Juice

* Having Protein and Minerals

* Tetra Pack Protection packing.

Competitive Review

"CANSIP" Competitors:

The competitors of "CANSIP" juice are more than 10. Nestle is leading market right now and other companies are far away from it. Nestle has loyal customers over the years because it is very old company and customers are aware of its merits & demerits. The company's first purpose is to compete with Nestle and other juices which have large market share.

The main competitors are Nestle & Shezan.

1. Nestle


Nestle juices are the products of Nestle Pakistan LTD.

Qualities of Nestle:

a. High availability

b. Large range of flavors

c. Standardized and attractive packing

d. large promotion and market coverage

e. Available in Various weights packing.


Different sizes are available in various prices. Minimum price is 15 R.s.


They promote this product through

a. Electronic media

b. Print Media

c. FM Radio stations

d. Wall Chalking

e. Billboard


Nestle has wide networks all over Pakistan it has more than 300 distributors in all over four provinces of Pakistan.

2. Shezan


Shezan juice is the product by Shezan international Ltd

Qualities of Shezan:

a. High availability

b. Large range of flavors

c. Standardized and attractive packing

d. large promotion and market coverage

e. Available in Various weights packing.


Minimum price of juice is 10 Rs.


Shezan has a large market share in Pakistan.


They promote this product through

a. Electronic media

b. Print Media

c. FM Radio stations

d. Wall Chalking

e. Billboard

Distributors Review

To assure the availability of its product "CANSIP" The Glimmers LTD has established effective network of registered dealers. The main target of these juices is Lahore.

We don't have our own distribution channel; we have a third party association for this activity. The distributor directly picks the order from the factory floor and distributes it to the various retailers and wholesaler.

The end consumer would then purchase "CANSIP" from the retailer. The distributors hired by us are among the most reliable distributors in the region. They enjoy a flawless reputation combined with business relations with numerous retailers even in the rural areas of Lahore and near sides. This has ensured that "CANSIP" will be made available all over Lahore.

SWOT Analysis


  • Updated technology plant

  • Quality product

  • Specialists available for specialized jobs and tasks

  • Very experienced staff to its credit

  • Medical insurance of employees

  • Pakistani made

  • Targeted to low and middle class people.

  • Reasonable price

  • Approved from health department ministry of health

  • International standard packing

  • Artificial flavors free

  • Expiry date above 3 months

  • Totally natural as best fresh sugarcane is used in production


  • new juice industry

  • small distribution network

  • Only five flavor.

  • Strong Competitors.


  • Increase the distribution network.

  • Pursue the newer technology & techniques.

  • Market is very big & attractive.

  • Take-over of the distributor

  • Gain control of more than 50% of the market share.

  • Increased demand of high quality products because Lahore is a developed city.


  • Political instability.

  • No political affiliation

  • lack of production

  • lack of distribution

  • new entrance from the exiting competitors

  • so many competitors

  • retaining consumers

  • Economic instability.

  • Increases of general sales tax

  • Increase in prices of electricity (increase in manufacturing overheads, hence decreasing profit

  • margin unless prices are increased)

  • Imposition of heavy taxes on import of machinery

Objectives and Issues

Objective and Goals must be smart for the purpose of marketing plan as we know SMART means specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

* Growth in all regions.

* Satisfy our customer.

* Provide high quality Fruit Juice.

* Attain maximum share of market.

First Year Objective:

The objectives are

* Profit maximization.

* To earn a good reputation and create a good image of the company.

Second Year Objectives:

* Increase the advertisement.

* Generate 60% brand awareness with in the consumers target market.


Following are the issues that "CANSIP" is facing:

In relation to the product launch our major issue is the ability to establish a well regarded brand name linked to a meaningful positioning. We must heavily invest in market to create an image of our company and our brand. We also need to measure the awareness and response from the customer about our product. So we can adjust our marketing efforts.

Marketing Strategy

The market strategy is based on positioning of the product in the mind of consumers.

* Providing high quality Juice to the customers.

* Targeting upper-end income as the end customers.

1. Positioning Strategies:

We want to put an image of our product in the consumers mind as compare to competitor's product. We want to target the high school, college and graduate students who have to work hard and need to get relax themselves in an instant. We have to position our product on the base of quality, cost and nutrition's.

� Product

� Price

� Promotion

� Place

2. Product Strategy:

* Develop the long-term relationship with the customers

* Give values to the customers to delighting them

* Do whatever it takes not to satisfy the customers but retain our customers

In order to accomplish this objective, the company has established sales, marketing and support teams.

Product variety:

Our product would be available in the following flavors:-

* CANSIP Original

* CANSIP Lemon

* CANSIP Diet (Sugar Free)

* CANSIP Saline

Brand name:

The name which we have chosen for our product is "CANSIP".


High quality assurance would be our first priority. This would be ensured by:

* Implementing high quality standards

* Total quality management

* Acquisition of the high quality raw materials


"CANSIP" is a sweet, refreshing Juice with an eye catching Tetra hydro pack.

3. Pricing Strategies:

Our pricing strategies for the product are for total cost, which include custom services and other expenses. Pricing strategy usually change as the product passes through its life cycle. The price should be set at moderate level in order to attract a large number of buyers and to gain large market share.

Amounts are in Pak Rupees.

Total cost per kg = 14.40

Units produced per kg = 4 kg

Per unit production cost= 14.40/4= 3.60/-

Packing per Juice= 1.75/-

Per straw = 0.15/-

Card board box for 27 juices = .25* 27 = 6.75(.25)

Total packing cost per juice pack = 1.75+.25 = 2.00/-

Total cost per juice pack = 3.60+2.00+.15= 5.75/-

Profit margin per juice pack: 1.667

Selling price per juice pack (distributor)/Invoice price per juice pack = 7.40/-

Selling price per box containing 27 juice packs (distributor) = 200.00/-

Profit per unit (manufacturer) = 1.667

Profit per pack sold (27 juice packs) = 45

Trade price= 7.40

Retail price= 10.00

Price and Quality Grid:

This grid shows what pricing strategy a firm is perusing:-

According to this grid we are offering high quality at low price. So we are following penetration strategy.

4. Communication Strategies:


Actually the promotion is a first step when we are launching a new product, but we make its strategies in last. We want to make a good image in the mind of customers, so that they will buy only our products.

Criteria for Promotion:

In promotion our main objective is to provide:

* Awareness

* Knowledge

* Liking

* Preference

* Purchasing

Main Sources of Promotion:

* skins

* Print Media

* Electronic Media

* Cable network

* Sales teams

5. Market Research:

Using research, we are identifying the benefits that our target market segments value. Using the research tools as

o Feedback from test market

o Surveys

o Questionnaires

Brand awareness research will help us determine the effectiveness and efficiency of our message.


1. I enjoy juice that is:

* Fresh squeezed

* Made from concentrate

* Without pulp

* With some pulp

* Anytime at all

* Others:

2. I usually prefer the following brands of juice:

* Nestle

* Country

* Refresher

* Shezan

* Other:

3. I drink juice because:

* It's a good source of energy

* It's a good source of vitamins

* It goes well with other foods

* It tastes great

* Others:

4. About the price of juice:

* I don't care much.

* I buy less when the price goes up.

* I buy extra on sale & store them.

5. About the brand(s) I buy:

* I often switch based upon price

* I sometimes buy juice

* I always buy the same brand

* Other:

6. I own a juice machine and squeeze my own juice.

* Yes, sometimes

* Yes, everyday

* No...

7. I am:

* Female

* Male

8. My age group is:

* Under 10

* 11-20

* 21-29

* 30-39

* 40-49

* 50-59

6. Marketing Organization:

CANSIP's chief marketing officer, Waqas Aziz holds overall responsibility for all of the company's marketing activities. There are other subordinates with him to help the sales campaigns, trade and consumer sales promotions, and public relations efforts.

7. Action Programs:

The "CANSIP" will be introduced in June 2010. Following are summaries of the action programs we will use during this summer session to achieve our stated objectives.

May we will initiate 100,000 rupees trade sales promotion campaign to educate dealers and generate excitement for the product launch, and provide sample crates to our selected product reviewers, opinion leaders and celebrities as part of our public relation strategy.

June We will start an integrated print/displays/television campaign. The campaign will show how many features the "CANSIP" have for users to reenergize them.

July As the juice advertisement continues, we will add consumer sales promotion by including them to our messages. We will also support or retailer to increase our sales.

August We plan to roll out a new advertisement having new views of customers who have used our drink which will help to promote our juice.

8. Budgeting:

* Electronic Media

* Print Media

* Cable operators

� Billboards

� Skins advert

a. Electronic media:


For 15 days

2000 PST


4 times in a day

7 laces

b. Print Media:

The Jang:

Front page quarter page 4 color

For 2 days

30000 * 2 = 60000

27" on after 3 days at back

7000* 8 = 56000

The News:

Only on Sundays

30000*4= 1 lace 20 thousand


c. Cable operators:

Advertisement will play only at Ten Sports and on Star in evening from 6 to 12 pm because viewer ship of these channels are more as compare to others. For the purpose of this company decides to spend Rs. 100,000. In this budget 4 cable operators with maximum coverage in Lahore city will play ad on the above-mentioned channels in routine for 2 months.

Main cable operators


Food Street to MUGHALPOORA


100000*2 = 2 laces/2 = 1 laces

d. Billboards:

Company decides to take billboards for its starting advertisement campaign this is a plan of 15 days rent for billboard is Rs.100, 000 each. The sites selected by the company are in the areas of Mall Road, DHA, ALLAMA IQBAL Town, LIBERTY MARKET and KALMA CHOWK

5 * 100000= 5 laces

e. Skins advert:

50 main stores/areas/shops in city

Per skin cost 200

80* 200 = 16000/-

Expected Revenue:

Total population of Lahore = 10 Million Approximately

a. On television:

Expenditure: 600000/-

20% of population viewed our ad = 10000000*20 /100 = 2000000

10% of viewed population tried our product = 2000000 * 10 / 100 =200000

10% of population tried became our average customer = 200000*10/100=20000

On 1 unit sold we get profit = 1.667/-

On 20000 units we get = 20000*1.667 =33340/-

For 30 days = 33340 * 30 =1000200/-

Revenue = 1000200/-

b. On News Paper:

Expenditure: 236000/-

Total readership =

25% of Readership viewed our ad= 3000000*25 /100 = 750000

10% of Readership tried our product =750000 * 10 / 100 =75000

10% of tried became our average customer = 75000*10/100 = 7500

On 1 unit sold we get profit = 1.667/-

On 7500 units we get = 7500*1.667 =12502.5/-

For 30 days = 12502.5* 30 =375075/-

Revenue = 375075/-

c. On Cable:

Expenditure: 100000/-

10% of population viewed our ad= 10000000*10 /100 = 1000000

10% of viewed population tried our product = 1000000 * 10 / 100 =100000

10% of population tried became our average customer = 100000*10/100 = 10000

On 1 unit sold we get profit = 1.667/-

On 13000 units we get = 10000*1.667 =16670/-

For 30 days = 16670 * 30 =500100/-

Revenue = 500100/-

d. On Billboard:

Expenditure: 500000/-

20% of population viewed our ad= 10000000*20 /100 = 2000000

10% of viewed population tried our product = 2000000 * 10 / 100 =200000

10% of population tried became our average customer = 200000*10/100=20000

On 1 unit sold we get profit = 1.667/-

On 20000 units we get = 20000*1.667 =33340/-

For 30 days = 33340 * 30 =1000200/-

Revenue = 1000200/-

On skins

Expenditure: 16000/-

Total readership =

25% of Readership viewed our ad= 300000*25 /100 = 75000

10% of Readership tried our product =75000 * 10 / 100 =7500

10% of tried became our average customer = 7500*10/100 = 750

On 1 unit sold we get profit = 1.667/-

On 13000 units we get = 750*1.667 =1250.25/-

For 30 days = 1250.25 * 30 =37507.5/-

Revenue = 37507.5/-

Total revenue: 2913082.5/-

Only total expenditure: 1552000/-

2913082.5 - 1552000 =1361082.5/-


This is the main and last element of the marketing planning by using this we can check our product standard by comparing It with our standards if there is any problem arrive in marketing plan then it must be corrected.

Three main functions are performed under this element of planning that is:

* Measuring

* Comparing

* Correcting


We can check our marketing condition through measuring in which different types of tasks may be performed like

* Surveys

* Questionnaires


In comparing process we compare our product with our standards.


If any problem occurs then correcting process will take place in which we found that from where the problem will arises.


* Gerry J., Kevan S., Richard W. (2008). Exploring corporate strategy. 8th Ed. Pearson Education Limited.

* David C., George S., Bill H. (2002). Business Strategy an Introduction. 2nd Ed. A Butterworth-Heinemann.

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