Company Overview

Infosys Technologies (Infosys), founded in Pune in 1981, is an India-based IT enabled business solutions provider. The company offers end-to-end business solutions, including business and IT consulting, design, development, product engineering, maintenance, systems integration, package enabled consulting and implementation and infrastructure management services.

The company's primarily operates in North America and Europe. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India and employs about 105,000 people until March, 2010. The company recorded revenues of $4,663 million during the financial year ended March 2009 (FY2009), an increase of 11.7% over 2008. The operating profit of the company was $1,374 million in FY2009, an increase of 18.6% over 2008. Its net profit was $1,281 million in FY2009, an increase of 10.1% over 2008.

Although its huge growth, the company had humble founding value which was “Respect”. If they seek respect to customers, employees and investors, they will automatically do the right thing by each of them and then get revenues and profits and all that.

Infosys's Key Strategies1. The core competence is human

Infosys, one of the leading IT service company in the world puts an enormous emphasis on human capital. This perspective is melted in the fact that Infosys formally includes human resources on the Balance Sheet.

The philosophy of the company is “to build a company of the professionals, by the professionals, and for the professionals”. What they need is ‘professionals' not just ‘employees.' Hopefully, professionals can be nurtured. This is why recruiting and constant training employees are vital for the company. They are the source of the competence.

2.Emphasis on Learnability

The definition of learnability is “the ability of an individual to derive general conclusions from specific situations and then apply them to a new unstructured situation.” The concept is composed of two parts - learning and applying to situations. Having learnability means being able to collect useful information, and use them to come up with effective solutions. This is essential to be competent in IT business which is characterized by rapid changes.

3.Attracting TalentsInfosys Global Internship Program

This program provides students with opportunity to work in the company. The goal of this program is to motivate students by exposing them to real working environment. If the program is successful, Infosys will get more rooms for attracting talents from all over the world.

Campus Connect

Campus Connect is an industry-institute initiative focusing on conveying industry perspectives to college students through various program components.The purpose of this program is to reduce the gap between what the company requires and what graduates can really do. Considering the fact that IT industry is one of the businesses showing rapid changes, the function of Campus Connect becomes much more important.

Initiating awards

By initiating awards, Infosys can build the strong brand image, and then attracting talents can be facilitated. Representatively, there are two awards.

  1. Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award (WIBTA)
  2. This award recognizes enterprises and individuals that contributed to the transformation of their business and the society using information technology.

  3. ACM - Infosys Foundation Award
  4. This award recognizes young scientists and system developers who has contributed to innovations.

4.Educating employeesInfosys Leadership Institute (ILI)

The purpose is to develop managerial and interpersonal skills. Specifically, ILI reflects belief in next generation. The logic behind the establishment of the institute is the conviction that the future leader can be nurtured.

Global Education Center (GEC)

GEC is the facility for educating employees. Recently, GECⅡ has been built, and this makes GEC the largest corporate education center in the world. This show how heavily the company is focusing on training employees. Moreover, the center provides special programs for employees from outside the India.

Future plans

Infosys is trying to expand their business area to mobile commerce market, retail commerce and micropayments.They also forecast to provide their services to local banks and microcredit market as a new business area. Infosys is also planning to maintain its growth rate in India and to expand overseas including Korean market. They say that expansion should accord with Infosys' business philosophy which emphasizes on human resources, and also be helpful for expanding their business in non-English speaking countries such as France and Japan.

Infosys's Challenges Wage Increase and Possibility of Double-outsourcing

Wage costs in India are currently increasing very fast. Many Indian IT service companies including Infosys need to increase the levels of employee compensation more rapidly than in the past. They could deal with the matter of efficiency and productivity by raising salaries, however, wage increases in the long term may reduce company's profit margins. Furthermore, with cost advantage diminishing, competition in IT service industry could increase from companies in other countries that have lower labor costs such as China than those currently in India as well as international companies with a presence in India.Many companies expect this trend will continue.

Job hopping problem

Job hopping simply means changing jobs between different organizations for better pay, better work conditions, better boss and personal reasons.

Due to relatively low payment system in Infosys, employees (so called students of Infosys) plan to find a higher- paying job or apply for an MBA after a year with the company.Competition for well- trained engineers in India are getting higher and higher resulting salary rising.

RecommendationsRegarding the wage increasing

From the perspective of economics, increasing labor supply can help reduce wage. The way of increasing labor supply is to broaden the labor pool for the company; and this can be done by educational efforts. Initiative like Campus Connect can be more actively established to promote the efforts. By doing so, potential labor supply can be increased, and thus the pressure to raise the wage can be mitigated.

Dealing with the job hopping

Most job hoppers transferred their jobs because they do not want to miss any new opportunities to advance their career. Therefore, company should provide new opportunities to learn new skills as well as various compensation options to the employees. Giving employees complicated tasks could be a source of inspiration to talented employees. Role rotation could also make employees satisfied and encouraged by experiencing various works. They could fully develop their ability and diversified knowledge. Lastly, changing company's policies through conducting surveys could be helpful to recognize employees' expectation to the firm.

1.Location of Infosys Offices in India2.Revenues of Infosys (Unit: $billion)3.Increasing in Number of Employees of Infosys

2.Revenues of Infosys

(Unit: $billion)

3.Increasing in Number of Employees of Infosys

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