Mohit Bali


Subject= to recruit and select new staff.

As the company is beginning to expand so they need the employees having good skills such as communication skills, marketable skills etc. the employee should have good problem solving skills so that he/she can deal with the issues that hinders the company very effectively. To have that kind of employee the selection process must be very effective. It begins with an application form which consists of candidate's education, personal details, interests, achievements and work experience. The selected employees then called for an interview. Basically in an interview they judge the person by asking the critical questions such as what you will do in that particular situation and so on which shows the creativeness of an employee. Interview shows the knowledge, various skills and the confident level of the candidate. The selection process must be very fair and should not involve any sort of ethical consideration such as colour, sex etc. as there should be transparency. As the business is based on the floor and wall tiles so the employee must have the knowledge of the health and safety measures and good customer satisfaction skills.


Mohit Bali


Subject= concept of winning teams.

Basically winning teams means when all the members of the team such as team leader, manager etc are loyal, honest and co-operative among each other and are quite eligible to achieve the objectives together then that's what we call a winning team. To have a winning team there must be good communication among the employees so that they can understand the issues very effectively that hinder their performance. For example in the case study it's about the business Johnson and partners which make quality floor and wall tiles, in that business winning teams will play a very vital role because the business is all about making good quality tiles and to make it in right time the co-operation, awareness and team work among the employees is very necessary. As when there is proper mutual-understanding about knowledge, skills and behaviour among everyone then automatically that leads to the team to win.


Mohit Bali


Subject: to stimulate and promote a team spirit

Team dynamics is a major topic nowadays. It is basically the inter-personal relations among the team members and the environment in which they work together. It is one of the vital characteristics of the flourishing teamwork. It is the factor influencing the outcome of any form of the team activity. It is affected by various issues such as, It mainly occurs in big teams. It is affected when there is misunderstanding among the workers or team. Its affect generates the inter-personal issues among the team and affects the overall performance of the team members because it builds up the conflicts. Its concern avoids the new ideas and decreases the extent of innovative ideas which leads to failure. The drawbacks of the negativity in team dynamics can be overcome by mutual understanding and effective co-operation among the team members. To stimulate and to promote the team spirit there must be proper feedback to the members of the group. There must be availability of the basic resources that helps in performing the given task. There must be honesty sharing of the ideas among the employees. Each member of the group must be fully aware of their basic responsibilities and knowledge of their particular task.


Mohit Bali


Subject: to clarify expectations of relationships.

The expectations of the relationships are clarified when there is a proper meeting among the employees to discuss the various issues. It's done by putting the mission of the company first, than one of its constituencies. When sorting out the issues that hinder the company, it's important to have no outsider in meeting. Whenever there is an argument between the employees that should be taken seriously to avoid any big misunderstanding in the future. There must be constant sharing of the new ideas among all the employees to check the overall performance and to grow.


Mohit Bali


Subject: to encourage the team members

There are a lot of ways to encourage the team members to develop roles during the team assignments. Team members are encouraged by the feedback appraisals. Whenever any member presents any idea and if that idea suits best to the situation then he must be given feedback which builds up the confidence in the employee to perform and to participate more. Whenever any assignment is given to the team, participation of all the members of the all team should be there and the task should be divided on the interests of the members so that each member will know its task and focus fully on that. Each member of the group must be given the feedback individually when the tasks are divided because as the tasks are divided so it's the individual effort of the team members and teams should be empower and rely on their own capabilities within preset boundaries because when teams work individually, they work on their own pattern in which they feel more comfortable. Teams are empowered when there are right people for that particular job. It can decrease the level of the conflict among the group and makes easier the task of the manager. Hopefully, carefully selected members work collectively for the universal benefit of the firm. When this takes place, the business becomes victorious in the marketplace. Teams can be empowering by the establishment of the basic regulations for getting the job done. This should be performing at the starting, so the group members will realize how variances will be settled and how they will to continue. By keeping the group members in the dark about these effects only show the way to difficulty. Creating each and every member of the group responsible for performance is very important to the accomplishment of goals and the objectives. When the urgency in the completion of the job is promoted, it makes the group to perform in a fast speed, it is also beneficial for the company to get things done quickly. The team members should also be informed about what they have achieved, which will motivate the group to carry out well.


Mohit Bali


Subject: effectiveness of delegation techniques

As delegation means to assign the tasks for the right person. It is very effective in motivating the workers because they know their capabilities and based on which they can divide their tasks to get it done. Because when the workers know their particular task, they automatically focus on that effectively to show their best results. Once the objectives of the assignments are achieved, the groups are given the feedbacks which enthuse them and build up the confidence in them to work better in the future. There must be regular meetings on the basis of the tasks which checks the performance and improves the weakness. The delegation tasks should be SMART. i.e.

* Specific

* Measurable

* Agreed

* Realistic

* Realistic

* Realistic


Mohit Bali


Subject: development needs and activities.

There are various needs of an individual in a group. These needs are fulfilled by the proper training. When the assignment in the group is distributed, each member in the group is selected for the particular task in the assignment and to focus on their job. Whenever the individual needs any help, he can share the ideas with the group members. If the individual is lack in any particular skill which involves in the fulfilment of the task, he must be checked and trained according to the requirement of the task. Normally it is documented that growth procedure and the precious training to the employee is an essential aspect in tackling the discrimination in the service in relation to the sex, disabilities and the race. The below mentioned are the types of the training and the development goals which should be considered for the personal and organisational objectives.

� Policy of the equal opportunities.

� The values.

� Basic obligation for the team performance.

� The strategic objective of the firm.

� Requirements for the group performance.

� Requirements for the personal performance.

� Organisational change requirement.

As the development needs are the major activities determined at lifting up the principles of the worker exercise and as a result lifting the positive virtues of the employees for the benefit of the group and organisation.





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