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The research has led to many findings in the teaching process of children which are helpful in finding the methods which may lead to efficient learning of the language. The findings of the research were based on the questions asked from teachers at different schools. A questionnaire was prepared and the teachers were asked questions to infer different things. Firstly two teachers one from Al-Ittihad private school and the other from Garnata Primary School were asked about their experience. Responding to this question the first teacher answered 8 years and the second teacher answered 14 years which helped us to believe that both teachers had enough experience to get involved in the research process.

Then the next question asked the grade which the teachers used to teach. The question was just a way to continue with the interview and was just an attempt to ease the interviewee and make them comfortable. Then the next question was aimed at finding the number of students each of the teachers taught in each class the first teacher replied 22 students per section and used to teach a total of 88 students whereas the second teacher answered 30 students per section with a total of 90 students.

Then the teachers were asked a question in order to find the number of classes that they taught per week and the teachers answered 28 and 21 classes respectively. This meant that both teachers used to take 7 classes per section each week as the first teacher used to teach 4 sections and the second teacher used to teach 3 sections. After this the teachers were asked about the methods that they implemented in order to teach their students. On this question teacher1 replied that the emphasis was on integrating skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and the teacher 2 replied that he emphasized on combining the skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. The two responses lead us to make out that all the aspects of a language played an important role while teaching a language.

On asking about the methods liked by the teacher the response was again very similar and it could be made out that both the teachers emphasized on methods that involved students.

Then the teachers were asked questions on the activities that the students were doing in reading, writing and grammar. Teacher1 responded that Pre reading tasks, prediction, oral reading, cause and effect and role play were the activities that helped students in improving their reading skills. On being asked about the activities to improve writing skills the teacher said that the students were made to perform activities like creative writing and pre writing. The teacher also said that the writing skills were promoted with the help of brainstorming sessions which were found very helpful for improving the writing skills of the students. In context to improving the grammar the teacher responded that learning of grammar was largely dependent on the reading and writing skill development of the students. The teacher from Garnata primary school said that the students practiced reading through oral reading exercises whereas outlining, writing rough draft and editing formed the main part of writing exercises. The teacher from Garnata Primary School also said that grammar was practiced through the reading and writing activities that the students performed.

After this the teachers were asked about the activities performed in order to improve the spellings. On this the teacher fom Al-Ittihad Private School said that the learning of spellings was based on vocabulary-flashcards and dictation whereas the teacher from Garnata primary school emphasized on editing in order to improve the spellings. Then the interviewer asked questions on the speaking activities that the students were performing. On this the teacher from Al-Ittihad Private School responded that the students were asked to prepare an oral response of one minute which was evaluated. When the same question was asked to the teacher from Garnata Primary School the teacher responded that speaking was practiced through discussion of lessons.

Finally in order to know any activity that was left out in the questions that asked about various activities that the students were performing in order to teach English the final question asked the teacher about any other activity that they were performing in order to teach the language. On this the teacher from Al-Ittihad Private school responded that the emphasis was on cooperative learning whereas the teacher from Garnata Primary School said that the emphasis of teaching was on communication activities that involved students in the learning of the language.


Many significant things have been found during the research all these may affect the quickness of learning as well as increase the efficiency of learning of the students. The first topic that needs to be discussed is the need to improve the writing skills. The things written give a formal look to the contents. Children may not be affected by the writing skills as students but as they grow up the importance of these skills cannot be overlooked as in the professional world it is important to have things written in order to have them in existence. On interviewing the teachers from Al-Ittihad Private school and Garnata private school also it was quite clear that the teachers made the students practice writing skills also. Writing and pre writing task formed a major part of the writing practice in Al-Ittihad Private School whereas the teacher also found that brainstorming sessions were quite helpful as they lead to generation of newer ideas as good ideas are key to good writing skills. The teacher from Garnata Private School said that outlining, writing rough draft and editing helped in improving the writing skills. These findings illustrate that in order to improve the writing skills the only way is practice as it helps in developing ideas for students.

The communication skills are very important for explaining individual thoughts and plans. It is a way to bring out a person's idea so it is important to improve the communication skills also in order to make the students proficient in bringing their ideas and views in front of others. The Research has also found that it is important to keep the teaching process interactive as interactive sessions keep the learners active and involved and urges them to improve and learn quickly. The findings of the research can be related to the literature review as in the literature review also it was written that children learn the language faster if they are involved in it and are interested in the method used to teach them which is in accordance with the findings of the research as it has been described.

It can be inferred from the interviews that it is important for the teacher to teach all aspects of the language because all the aspects have their own importance in the overall learning of the language. It is also important for the teacher to keep the students interested as children tend to learn those things faster which keeps them interested. In order to keep the students interested it has been found that teaching the students through interactive sessions keeps them interested. Hence it can be said that it is important for the teacher to avoid monologue while teaching as it leads to loss of interest of children.


The research has analyzed the methods used by teachers from Al-Ittihad private School teaching grades 7 and 8 and Garnata primary school teaching grade 9 in teaching different aspects of the language and it also deals with the various aspects of teaching the language that have to be covered in order to get good results. During the research it was found that different kinds of exercises such as pre writing assignments in writing, reading tasks in reading and the tasks that involved students are used to improve the communication skills of the students. It was also found that children are made to learn all aspects of the language as each aspect has its own importance and it is important for an individual to learn all the aspects to be able to use the language efficiently in present as well as future. It was also found that the methods which involve the students along with the teacher are more efficient than other methods of teaching the language to children as children tend to develop greater interest in activities that involve them and the urge to learn also increases with interest.

At last I would like to recommend that the methods that involve students should be used to teach children efficiently and as found in the literature review it is quite helpful to use objects of students' choice to teach English to students as it might lead to learning of the language faster for children.

Researcher's Voice:

The research was an attempt to know the methods used to teach English to children. The research required an in depth analysis of the methods used by teachers to teach the language and the effect that each method had on the learning of the language. In order to get these information teachers from various schools were interviewed and the data collected was then analyzed in order to find the prevalent situation and then steps were taken to analyze the data collected from the interview. The completion of the research was largely dependent on the selecting the correct sample and then analyzing the data retrieved from it. The questions asked during the interview were also very important for the success of the research as a question missed could have left an entire aspect of teaching the language left untouched.

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