Personal Statement: The Road to Success

After a dismal 2008, corporations and investors are wondering how long the pain will continue. The present credit and banking crisis affecting the U.S. economy has measured up to the financial debacle of the Great Depression, complete with a massive housing bust, bank mergers, and institutions writing off billions of dollars in losses. Furthermore, banks have been the focal point of attention in bearing the impact of the credit crisis. In my current position as a Capital Markets Analyst at Flagstar Bank, the largest publicly held savings bank in the Midwest, I have seen first hand the impact of the economic crisis on financial institutions. The hands-on training I received in adapting to this crisis as well as in mortgage banking education and management development has allowed me to deepen my vision and handle different market scenarios.

My experience working as a Capital Markets Analyst in Asset Liability Management has vastly increased my quantitative and analytical skills. This position has allowed me to challenge my academic education in a real-world professional environment. However, I feel it is imperative for me to expand my decision-making ability and develop a comprehensive framework for organizing business activity and managing business processes. As a candidate for the iMBA program at Penn State University, I plan to build on a strong foundation of practical work experience I have gained at Flagstar Bank.

I am applying to the Penn State University iMBA program for its emphasis on addressing the challenges of today's competitive business environments and developing well-rounded individuals who can take charge in difficult situations. The program also stresses advanced business strategies that lead to effective decision-making. I strongly believe the structure of the iMBA program is optimal for achieving my career goals. The program, along with its residencies, offers a dynamic online classroom experience as well as an opportunity to enhance my academic studies and network with my peers.

The ability to apply new information and interact with individuals from throughout the world would be a unique opportunity and one that I am willing to embrace completely. As a highly motivated professional, I plan to bring my qualification, experience, and dedication to the classroom environment. This unique graduate program will provide a solid foundation for future work in the field of Capital Markets. I would be honored to join the ranks of successful business professionals who also share a desire for academic achievement and career fulfillment. I am certain the iMBA from Penn State University will help me gain a stronger foothold in achieving this goal.

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