The Web's New Stars

The internet is a blessing for small businesses, providing them with an opportunity to expand their product lines and services, and reach out to new customers across geographical barriers while keeping a tight rein on expenses. Of all the green marketing strategies businesses use to attract audiences that congregate on websites and search engines, the following techniques rule:

Internet marketing

Internet marketing makes sure your website and your business is noticed by potential sales leads. It involves identifying your customers, offering them something they can't refuse and brining that message to them through effective placement of pay-per-click (PPC) ads, search engine marketing, email marketing, cross linking, social media marketing and SEO. Effective internet marketing is not driven by a cookie cutter approach. Marketers have to dive into unchartered territory to take advantage of latest consumer trends.

Social media marketing

Social media websites are powerful, viral agents that can spread brand awareness, enhance web presence, make or break reputation, and build a community of customers. Blogs, wikis, consumer review websites, social news, music, and bookmarking websites are all places businesses should venture into to scope out the marketing potential for their products. As social media websites are accepted by the users as genuine and straight shooting, flimsy marketing can get a brand flamed for good. On the other hand, genuine customer support and relationship management can get your brand credits and your website more traffic.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

With or without marketing paraphernalia, SEO is still the best way to keep customers engaged on your website. Effective use of keywords and links leads to high natural ranking on search engines. SEO companies are a great help here as they understand the search algorithms of various search engines and the right way to go about optimizing the website content. SEO is good, but trying to get there unprofessionally can get your website blackballed by search engines.

Once you get customers on to your website, it is the content that will keep them there. With the entire marketing buzz, you need to focus on keeping your website's content fresh, appealing and pertinent.

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