Merchant cash advance, on the terms offered by RapidAdvance, seemed too good to be true. I had discussions with a RapidAdvance executive a few times and went for it. And it was the best thing I did for my business. Repayments were easy and I didn't have to worry about missing them! And no interest as with loans. Amazing! RapidAdvance is the best option for a fast business cash advance.

- Mike Z, Auto

XYZ offered me with an instant cash advance for business. I appreciate their timely help and will definitely do business with them again.

- John H, Auto Shop

With RapidAdvance's easy business cash advance, we were able to reduce our debts, and pay off taxes and leases for equipment. Knowing that we have such a fast and easy merchant cash advance behind us helps us maintain cash flow without worrying about debts. RapidAdvance is transparent and clear in its terms and has no hidden costs. Working with them has been a great experience.

- Christian B, Restaurant Owner

Working with XYZ has been a wonderful experience! It's the perfect small business merchant cash advance provider.

- Tina G,Restaurant Owner

RapidAdvance was the only company that gave us a merchant cash advance on terms that suited our business needs. We went to many providers but they could not do what my wife and I needed to grow our business. RapidAdvance took the time to understand our requirements in detail and offered us the perfect solution. I have referred RapidAdvance to my friends looking for a small business cash advance.

- Mike Foster, Javawocky Caf�

RapidAdvance made me feel like a valued customer and not just a number. Their customer service is impressive and I have recommended their business cash advance services to associates.

- Debra Beale, Deva Hair Gallery

With the business cash advance I got from XYZ I did all the things I've been planning for some time - renovated my home, made changes in my office, and moved the storage shed back. Thank you for helping me out. Tell your rep to call me tomorrow coz' I'm all set for new ventures!

- Mike Lantan, Action Mechanics by M&L Auto

RapidAdvance offered me reprieve at a time I was much stressed. Business was not going well and I was strapped for cash. I got in touch with one of your sales persons and found that you offered a unique and impressive program. I got the cash quickly. Your monthly statements were easy to understand and the sales person very helpful. Thanks for your high quality merchant cash advance services.

- Eddie P, Auto Shop

RapidAdvance has been a pleasure to work with. Reponses were timely and we got instant cash advance to increase our inventory stock in time. Our company processes took longer as there was a lot of faxing to and fro but RapidAdvance made sure everything went without a hitch. Excellent services! We are very pleased.

- Kym R, Recycling Company

I was skeptical about merchant cash advance companies. I surveyed the scene in the Chicago area and found many recommendations for RapidAdvance. Though wary at the start, I was soon won over by your professionalism and quality technical support. Your transparent process and helpful personnel made me very comfortable with the whole cycle. With the business cash advance, I got the flexibility to do things the way I wanted. I spruced up the saloon and purchased inventory. Working with you has been a delightful experience.

- David A, Beauty Salon

I have used RapidAdvance's services more than once. One time a machine broke down and with instant cash advance we were able to purchase a new one quickly. Another time we needed a business cash advance to restock inventory and RapidAdvance helped us out again. RapidAdvance is the easiest no-hassles merchant cash advance company I have ever worked with. The entire process is streamlined and the service is unbeatable.

Aldofo V, Tire Company

Construction on the main road cut off my restaurant's business. It was a lean time and I needed quick cash to pay my bills. RapidAdvance provided instant merchant cash advance that helped me get through this low period. I was surprised at how smoothly things went and how quick the whole process was. I was afraid I would feel the money going out of my profits but it hasn't been a pain point at all. In fact, the payments are really easy and the service is excellent. I'm happy I chose to get a business cash advance from RapidAdvance. They are the best!

- Dina C, Restaurant Owner

The sales guy from RapidAdvance explained the whole merchant cash advance process, rates and terms. Everything he told me was exactly how things went. I used the cash to pay my suppliers, expand my business, and pump some money into it. Things have been great!

- Rich D, Mini-market

The business cash advance we got from RapidAdvance was just we needed to pump some life into our business. We were looking for options for the equipment we'd purchased and some extra cash to supplement stock. With your help, we did that and more. Your sales person was very open and easy to communicate with. He was very forthright and delivered on all his promises. Everything has been great! I recommend your services to all small businesses looking for a cash advance.

- James W, Auto Shop

I am very happy with RapidAdvance. Running a small business is a challenging job. I needed funds for my business and banks were tough to convince. I liked your sales people but still tried ing another merchant cash advance company that offered lower rates. However, all my calls went to voicemail and I could not anyone. This was a disturbing sign and I decided to go with what I knew. Your salespeople are always accessible and very helpful. I got the business cash advance at an opportune time, supporting me just when I needed it. The cash advance has truly helped me boost my business.

- Mike K, Bicycle Repair Shop

My Account Executive was very quick and knowledgeable in answering all my questions. I used the business cash advance to stock up on inventory. I am very happy with your services.

- John Harris, Hobby Shop

I am very pleased with your merchant cash advance services. My Account Executive was very helpful and easy to reach. I used the advance to market my business. I am glad I found you guys.

- Blanca Quirino, Home Cleaning Service

I used the cash advance from RapidAdvance to pay off back taxes so I could get an early start on the holiday season. I was very impressed with your services. I think you are an excellent source of cash advance for seasonal businesses.

- Jack Beem, Overnight Packaging/Shipping

The cash advance I got from you allowed me to pay off past bills and focus on business without worrying about debts. Your services are excellent. My Account Executive was very consistent throughout our business association.

- Thaddeus Bowers, Hair Salon

My overall experience with RapidAdvance has been wonderful. I used the funds for construction and renovation of my business which has helped me increase sales substantially. Your services are great!

- Mike Cordero, Restaurant

RapidAdvance helped me pay off debts and achieve my sales goals. Service was very timely and reliable. I will surely recommend your services to my associates looking for small business merchant cash advance.

- Brian Shelton, Video Retailer

Thanks to RapidAdvance, I was able to renovate my business and correct problems. Business has been improving steadily and I'm planning to launch another business in coming days. My experience with RapidAdvance has been very positive and I'll be ing you for another business cash advance very soon.

- Jorge Acevedo, Restaurant

RapidAdvance offered me a unique deal that gave me flexibility. I used the cash advance to pay off all my bills and stock up on inventory. Your services are excellent and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to RapidAdvance, my business is growing every day.

- Narciso Gomez, Grocery Market

I applied to RapidAdvance for a merchant cash advance and got it in good time. I could pay off due bills and purchase new equipment. I am very happy with the services provided by RapidAdance.

- Anne Marie Sullivan, Restaurant

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