30 great essay topics

Here are 30 great essay topics for writing argumentative/persuasive essays.

  • Should the UK and US have invaded Iraq in 2003?
  • Should abortion be legal?
  • After how many weeks of pregnancy should abortion be illegal?
  • Should atheism be classed as a religion?
  • Is positive discrimination racism?
  • Should the British National Party be allowed to exist?
  • Is capital punishment wrong?
  • Could communism work?
  • Should licensing be compulsory (i.e. copyrighted works)?
  • Is there enough support for people with mental health issues?
  • Does society permit domestic violence?
  • Should hetrosexual couples be allowed a civil partnership?
  • Should pre nups be fully recognised in the UK?
  • Do gay people have the same rights as hetrosexual people?
  • Should public services be privatised?
  • Was anything Hitler did good?
  • Should drugs be legalised?
  • Should prostitution be legalised?
  • Does pornography exploit women?
  • Is terrorism ever justified?
  • Is collateral damage ever justified?
  • Should the government be paternal?
  • How do we decide what is morally wrong?
  • Has political correctness gone too far?
  • Do firearms laws influence gun crime?
  • Does lack of support for mental health issues impact crime?
  • Should we curb immigration?
  • Who landed on the moon first really?
  • How do you define racism?
  • Is torture ever justified?
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