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EasyJet Airline Company Limited:


  • EasyJet is a leading provider of low budget, no frills air travel servicing many of the leading city destinations in the UK and across Europe, including Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Prague.
  • They offer a high quality service at competitive prices and offer a number of features including ticketless travel, internet booking and assisted travel services.
  • They have a highly distinctive livery on their fleet of aircraft making them easily recognisable and distinguishing them from their competitors.
  • They have a user friendly website which fully discloses the price breakdown of the passengers planned travel. Offering a full breakdown of the price plan prevents any hidden charges when the customer confirms there booking.
  • EasyJet offers an online promotion alert which is e-mailed to existing customers and on the company’s database.
  • Recognised as a leading brand name in the UK travel industry.
  • As a market leader in an industry widely seen as a leading contributor to the green house effect and global warming, EasyJet actively embrace there environmental responsibilities and continue to keep these factors as a keep priority when developing their future strategies.
  • EasyJet operate a fast and efficient service with an average turnaround time of 30 minutes or below. This enables them to maintain a reliable and hassle free service to their passengers.


  • Domestic air travel is an extremely competitive industry with EasyJet’s main competitors being Jet2, BMI Baby, Ryan Air a host of smaller independent competitors. These external competitive forces can restrict and shape pricing policy on some of EasyJet’s less profitable routes as they seek to compete with their competitors.
  • They do not offer a free food service on longer flights of 2 hours .


  • Possible opening of alternative routes to major cities in Europe. A key route could be from Dublin to the UK, as this has a large potential for travellers going to soccer matches in the UK new links into corporate flyers to and from the UK.
  • Offering of free refreshments on flights with a travel time of over two and a half hours. This would offer an extra perk and comfort to passengers making their experience with EasyJet all the more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Updated versions of the fly on the wall documentaries would provide the brand with more coverage and publicity.


  • Competitors flying the same routes compete very competitively on price forcing pressure on margin on more popular flights and time slots.
  • External market forces can have a significant impact on EasyJet’s business, e.g. the rising cost of oil can have a significant impact on running costs putting significant pressure on the profitability of less popular routes and time slots.
  • Pressure from unions and employee relations committees can signifigantly impact on the day to day operations with strikes proving to be very costly to the company’s image.
  • Economic downturn may lead to a decrease in casual flyers and corporate travel as companies seek to curtail what they see as unnecessary expenditure and in turn make less business trips.

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