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HBOS plc:


  • HBOS as a group employ over 72,000 people worldwide
  • HBOS is the United Kingdom’s largest provider of mortgages and savings accounts.
  • HBOS is the number one provider of investment products in the United Kingdom, helping to provide financial solutions for both corporate and retail customers
  • HBOS has 23 million retail customers
  • HBOS are a truly global company and beside their substantial presence in the United Kingdom market they also have vested interests in Australia, Ireland and Spain


  • As a result of the economic downturn and a shortage of credit between the banks and increased levels of mortgage defaults, HBOS found themselves in a weakened position which has lead the proposed buyout by Lloyds TSB which is subject to competition laws ruling and Government backing.
  • Recently HBOS lost 80% of its market value due to speculation and rumours of short selling, a practice which until recently has been common place in the stock markets


  • The stabilising of the company after the proposed merger with Lloyds TSB. After the recent turmoil of HBOS is now part of the largest UK financial house, offering financial security with a more stable footing
  • Although the economy is on the verge of recession, a consequence of this is that the Bank of England may adjust its interest rates to spark consumer spending thus decreased interests rates may see a regeneration in credit and mortgage approval rates
  • HBOS could target retail savings accounts by offering more attractive introductory savings interest rates. This may appeal to the wider public who are currently reluctant to move their cash around in this period of financial uncertainty.


  • The continued economic downturn continues to be a threat as the economy is on the verge of a serious recession. Retail spending, mortgage borrowings, spending on credit, borrowing from financial institution to financial institution and growing uncertainty from the financial stock markets has all combined to create a period of instability for the financial sector with no immediate end in sight
  • External market pressures in all sectors are forcing companies to reassess, restructure and streamline their operations and how they manage the profitability and efficiency. This in turn has lead to a number of companies laying off staff or relocating to a more cost efficient base. The knock on effect of this is rates of mortgage defaults are at the highest for a number of years creating shortfalls in credit
  • Less disposable income coupled with increased levels of unemployment and rising costs of living are contributing to a decline of new accounts in sales of credit cards and loans due to increased repayment interest rates currently being experienced at the moment
  • Banks are currently unwilling to financial each other. The increased credit crunch syndrome has lead to banks and financial institutions shutting up shop, so to speak, in terms of no longer being willing to credit each other, on the other hand being more focused on their own financial survival.

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