Your guide to writing a Biology thesis

Biology Thesis Writing Guide

To write a good thesis you need to spend much time and effort.

Just follow the guidelines and prepare your thesis according to the plan offered below and you will certainly get a positive review.

Select a Topic

Select a topic which you have worked on earlier. You could investigate this topic in department. Biology is a very broad subject. You need to decide whether you want biology or a zoology topic. Browse journals and internet for interesting topics.

Remember you would be spending a lot of time with the thesis. So make sure the topic holds your interest throughout. Discuss your topic with your Biology Instructor prior to beginning of your research work.

Get some background informationon your topic.

Make use of every resource. Make sure to write down something for your research every day. Your paper should show a high degree of maturity. Begin your work at the earliest to ensure you have all the time to complete your thesis on time.

Prepare an Outline

This will prevent you from missing out on important points. You need to write down all the points and decide which are the most important to start with. Once your draft is made you could begin your work. Organise your thesis using electronic folders. As you proceed you could include notes and reminders in each folder. Back up your files everyday as Computer crashes do happen. You should also printout your progress each day. This will ensure their safety.


Make a schedule to meet all deadlines. Your Instructor will discuss a reasonable schedule. You may have a time table so that each chapter is completed on time.

Writing your Thesis

Make a draft and each time you do your thesis work, make sure you complete a chapter, and have it checked by your Instructor. This way you will complete your work on time. Do all the correction that the Instructor has advice.

How to Structure your Thesis

Depending on your Instructor and University, you will be provided with various sections to guide you in writing your thesis. This is what is generally expected while writing a thesis.

Title Page

The format of the title page should be specific. You will need to write your project title, the name of your University,your name and the date of submission of the thesis.


This should be short and should describe the issue.

Table of Contents

The contents of this table should be a neat list of Chapters, Headings. You should use the Roman numerical system to number each page.


In the introduction you need to write about why you have selected this particular topic and what significance it will have on humanity. You should put your best to arouse the interest in the universe.

Literature Review

In this section you must mention what all is known about the topic you have selected. You need to write about the problem and how you will solve it. You need to consult between 100-150 sources. Most of the information will be from the research you have done in the past few months. This focuses on what you have been studying throughout the course.

Body of theThesis

You should use more details in this section. Expand your finding in more details and describe how you perform each experiment.


Be clear about what you are claiming. Do not present pages of proofs. Summarise allyour findings.

Material andMethod Sections

You need to describe how you perform all your experiments. Keep the thesis writing simple and comprehensive. Make sure your detail to techniques and experiments.

Result andDiscussion

This could either be written separately or it may be combined as both results and discussion tend to be inter-related. Discuss your experiments, the results. Also write about any variables ofthe experiments and value of standard deviations. Make sure to illustrate the result using diagrams, graphs and charts.

The Conclusion

This section is in less detail than the rest of the thesis. It requires more literary sort of writing. It has already been mentioned to the readers the conclusion of your research in the abstract of your thesis. You need to be more specific and also write the possible limitation of your results. You may not have a definite conclusion for your work so the readers will want to know which problem still exists.


You may use which ever format your field of study requires. Most science papers used the APA or MLA format.


Lastbut not the least, in the Appendices Section, you use the material that did not fit into the body of your research thesis.
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