Separating genuine custom essay writing companies from scam websites

Avoiding custom essay scamsSpotting scam essay companies

So you've decided to use a custom essay writing company - how do you know when you're dealing with a genuine website? There are a number of things you can look for to help you separate the genuinely useful services from the scammers:

Choose a UK or US company so you can take action if things go wrong

If you're located in the UK or the US, it makes sense to use a company that is also located within the same jurisdiction as you.  If things go wrong, you'll have a better chance of getting your money back using your local consumer protection law.  Of course, many websites claim to be based in the US or UK but they are not.  So you need to make some additional checks to ensure you're genuinely dealing with a company in the same country as you.

UK students should look for the following:

A UK registered company

Check the company is registered at Companies House using their .  The website should quote a company number - make sure the details on the website (company name and address) match those held at companies house.

UK specific details

It's not so easy to get a UK bank account if you're based abroad - not impossible but not easy - so this is a good sign that the Company are UK based.  You can verify the bank account by deposit a few pence and asking them to tell you how much you paid in.  Don't pay for your essay directly into the bank though - it's far better to pay on a card, as you'll sometimes have the option to charge back the transaction through your card provider if things go wrong.

A UK landline number is also a good sign but do give them a call and listen carefully to the ringtone - some foreign scam sites have a UK number that redirects to a foreign line.  You can often hear this because they have an unusual ring tone.  Of course, you can also call up to see how their office staff sound - it's quite hard to fake an English accent!


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