Is Using Our Custom Essay Service Legal?

Marking faqsIs This Cheating / Legal?

Help: Is buying an essay from you cheating or illegal?

Buying a custom essay is 100% legal, but when it comes to cheating, it is how you use it that counts!

ChinaStones will only provide you with an essay once we are satisfied you are using our service honestly.

Using our service honestly:

We suggest you treat your custom essay as a model answer. You would not hand in the model essay your tutor provided you with - so please don’t hand in our work.

Is this service legal?

This service is 100% legal. However, we recommend all students check university guidelines before ordering and using their custom business essay.

Will I get into trouble with my university?

If you are using your essay honestly, you should face no difficulties. Students that use the service dishonestly, for example by ordering work that is above the level they currently write at and simply handing it in as their own, may run in to problems with their course tutors. We do not offer any advice on this matter, but do recommend that all students carefully read their university handbook before they order.

What you can and cannot do with your essay:

If you're not looking to cheat and you want to use your work honestly, follow these simple rules:


Read through the materials listed in the references and bibliography.

Read the essay and learn how a good essay is structured.

Take notes on the concepts, ideas and arguments you didn’t already know.


Copy sections directly from the researcher.

Simply list the bibliography in your own paper without reading the sources.

Hand the essay in as your own.


You could have an original, fully referenced piece of work written by an academic qualified in your area of study in your inbox, in as little as 3 hours.

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