Is using your service cheating?

Is this cheating?Is using ChinaStones cheating?

Does ordering a custom written essay count as cheating?

Simply put, no!

Ordering custom written help from us is exactly the same as using a very specific book, previous test papers or hiring a personal tutor. It is how you use it that defines whether you cheat or not!

If you just buy the piece of work and then hand it in as your own then of course that would be cheating, but if you use the work properly, it then becomes a very powerful study aid and is of course not cheating.

How do I use the work legitimately?

The way to use our custom written essays and dissertations are to view them as 'model answers'.

Here is how you use our work:

Do you condone cheating?


We do not condone or agree with cheating in any way. Our service is to be used as a legitimate study aid just like you would use a book from the library.

Ask yourself this "Would I copy and paste paragraphs from the internet and pass them off as my own?" - no you wouldn't.

In fact we do not agree with cheating at all and if we think you are going to use our service to cheat then we will turn custom away not write a paper for you.

How can a custom written essay help me?

Using our service is like using a very specific book or using a tutor's 'model answer'.

Having a custom essay or dissertation written for you will help you in these ways:


You could have an original, fully referenced piece of work written by an academic qualified in your area of study in your inbox, in as little as 3 hours.

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