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Essay company rights If you've been ripped off by another company , here are some things you can do to try and track them down and get your money back.

Have you been ripped off by another essay company? If that company is located in the UK, you can take action. For example, you can ask the Company to fix the problem or refund some or all of your money and if they refuse, you can use to claim it back. Even if that company is not located in the UK, if you paid by card, you may be able to get the money back from your card provider. See our page on your rights for more information.

Unfortunately, most companies are not UK based, even though they claim to be. There are only 2 other genuine UK companies offering essay writing services in the UK that we know of. Both of these companies say they will allow you to visit their offices. We know that All Answers is a genuine company with a good reputation that delivers on its promises.

If you use an essay writing company in the future, you need to take steps to protect yourself. If they're UK based (assuming you're also UK based) it will be easier to get your money back if things go wrong. It's very hard to tell whether a company is UK based or not. Here are some indicators - don't take any of them to mean that the company is definitely UK based as some of them can be faked:


Perform a 'whois' search and see who the website is registered to ( | ). This gives you an idea of where the Company might be based. Often, fake companies register the domain as a private domain and hide their details. This should give you less confidence in them!

Local banks

It's not easy to get an account with a local bank if you're not UK based. So ask the company for their bank account info. Deposit a small sum of money (a few pence) in the account and ask them to confirm how much it was. A genuine UK company shouldn't mind doing this just to verify themselves.

We'll happily give you our bank details if you want to test us out. We accept payments straight into our account or through Paypal. Just a word of advice though - if you go with a new company , don't deposit the full order value in their account for your first order. It's better to pay with a credit card (e.g. Visa) as you may be able to charge the money back if things go wrong. See our rights page for more info.


How many genuine companies are there that you can you think of, who don't allow you to visit their offices? If a company won't let you visit, be cautious. Ask yourself why not, if they have nothing to hide! We're happy for you to visit.

We ask that you make an appointment first as we're not a huge team and we want to make sure there's someone free to look after you.

Other signs

There are a bunch of other little things you can watch for, before placing an order with a new company . Are they open (and available to answer the phone) when you call them? Do they sound friendly, helpful and English? Are they registered at Companies House? (Our company number is 08866484, check us out!) These things aren't a guarantee that you'll get a great piece of work at the end of the day but they do help you pick out the wheat from the chaff. Remember, if you do pay on your card (depending on the type of card), you always have the option of charging back if things go wrong - check with your bank and see whether this applies to you.


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