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Every year, many students choose to buy a custom written UK essay to help them with their studies. By asking a professional writer to create a custom written essay for you, you are taking a step towards academic excellence. With the essay in front of you, you will know exactly how to approach the question, what points to cover and how to structure your answer for the maximum possible grade.

Why buy a UK essay?

There are hundreds of writing websites that claim to be based all over the World offering essay writing services, so why bother with a UK essay specifically?

Is buying a UK essay cheating?

If you buy an essay, you can hand it in and pass it off as your own work – this would certainly be cheating. The alternative is to use the essay as an example to help you to write your own work – this is not cheating and is no different from using a book or journal that covers the exact essay topic. We'd always recommend that you use the essay as an example rather than to help you cheat.

Why trust ChinaStones?

ChinaStones is a UK essay company based in Ludgate Hill, London. Our team have been in the essay industry for over ten years and we know exactly how to help students achieve the best academic grades.

Here's how we're very different from other UK essay companies:

How do I order a UK essay?

Every student needs a little academic help now and then so if you're struggling, don't feel bad about asking for a helping hand – take your first step and , and we'll do the rest. If you have any questions, do get in touch with the ChinaStones team either by emailing us or through our live chat system and we'd be happy to help.


You could have an original, fully referenced piece of work written by an academic qualified in your area of study in your inbox, in as little as 3 hours.

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