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Peace Studies (BA Hons) 2:1
PGCE (Secondary) QTS
Education (MA)
Politics, Security and Integration

About The Writer:

I have been writing for ChinaStones for several years and consider myself to be a successful academic researcher and writer that specialises in all areas of the social sciences, as well as some of the more humanistic practice settings, such as social work, education, and teaching. The knowledge and capabilities that I possess in offering my services are built upon several decades of vocational and professional employment that is both wide and varied and include a career in military career within a specialist service, corporate management, and via my years as a teacher and lecturer. Consequentially, my experiential learning has taken place within the military, prison, corporate, and educational settings. This experience, in its totality, allows me to state with a level of credibility that I offer not only the academic response to a posed question, but one that is backed up by real life experience.

Added to this, for my Undergrad I read Peace Studies which culminated in my dissertation being a comparison between the merits of human rights and civil liberties. Subsequently, as a prelude to my teaching and lecturing career, I read Education which resulted in my practice areas of Security Studies, International Relations, Politics, and Criminology. Overall, my research topics are wide and varied and include, in addition to those listed above, conflict and conflict resolution, terrorism, social psychology, communication skills, security, criminology, social policy, education and teacher training.

Essentially, the subject areas that I specialise in are largely focussed within the academic world of social sciences. Added to this, the work related research and investigative skills that I acquired during the earlier part of my career have aided me in being able to offer a service that is both informed and possesses depth. It is for this reason that I am able to confidently undertake assignments that are either offered, or asked, of me.

Subjects They Cover:

Social Work

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Business (BA)
Marketing (MSc)

About The Writer:

I have been a member of the ChinaStones Writing Team for several years. My approach to writing and research has the advantage of a multi-national mental outlook to projects based on being born in the United Kingdom, and having been raised as well as educated in Canada (Concordia University). I have found that this duality has served me well in terms of honing skills regarding marketing, communications, business writing, and various types of research. This is due to the fact that analysis for varied advertising projects held in the United States, along with diverse consultancy assignments required uncovering what is not readily apparent. When considering my suitability in terms of subject areas, my diverse background in advertising and consulting has taken me through the following areas:

  • Finance
  • International business analysis
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Business (a broad range of subject areas)
  • Tourism
  • Survey and questionnaire design and analysis
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Management analytics (change management, leadership, efficiency and varied theories, etc.)

In looking at the above, there is a connection among these areas represented by the fact that in many cases there is an application of models and theories that have similarities. This is a benefit regarding research and problem solving as a wide range of fields and skills enables bringing unique perspectives to situations that can broaden the understandings and explanations being developed.

The idea is to look beyond the obvious to uncover those aspects that aid in understanding and defining the nuances which help to explain those areas that produce an insightful piece of work.

Subjects They Cover:


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LLB (Hons)
LLM (Distinction)
PhD Law Researcher (in progress)

About The Writer:

I have been writing for ChinaStones for a number of years. I completed an LLM from the University of London with a Distinction. I am a qualified lawyer who has worked with policy organisations and international NGOs in the past.  My interests include Public Law, Torts, Human Rights, Comparative Law, Jurisprudence and International Law.  I am active in organising workshops on legal writing, research and referencing skills for law school undergraduates.

Subjects They Cover:

Public Law
Human Rights
Comparative Law
Jurisprudence and International Law

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Medical Sciences (BSc)
Natural Sciences (Biological and Chemical (BSc) Distinction
Medical Genetics (MSc) Distinction

About The Writer:

I studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and continued with a Masters in Medical Genetics. I completed my schooling at The Royal Ballet School, secured 100% in all my A-Level examinations and felt exceptionally privileged to pursue my education at the prestigious institution of Cambridge University.

I’m a passionate, optimistic, and dedicated woman who takes up responsibilities with the utmost enthusiasm and see to it that I complete my tasks and assignments on time. I’ve a great amount of perseverance to achieve a goal once set. My optimistic and planned approach in things I do is what drives me towards my success in life generally. I strive for perfection in all things.

Subjects They Cover:

All Sciences

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Economics (BSc)
MA Legal Studies
Legal Practice Course (Distinction)
Qualified Commercial Solicitor (7 Years PQE)

About The Writer:

As both a qualified solicitor and part time lecturer in Law and Economics, I have been in an excellent position to provide accurate, well researched pieces for ChinaStones for several years. My main areas of expertise include all areas of law up to, and including, the LPC as well as Economics, Accounting and Business based topics. Having studied to a post graduate level and achieved distinctions throughout, I have more recently been involved in teaching and supporting small groups to achieve their best possible results, meaning that I am extremely well versed in ensuring that work produced is appropriate and tailor made to the situation.

During my own work within academia, I have produced research in areas of business management including organisational structures and culture, and how this then interacts with the legal framework. Associated with this, I have been involved in producing research papers around employment and business law, as well more generalist topics associated with contract and property.

When responding to questions associated with Economics and Law, I am able to accurately identify the main points and explore them in a way that produces original thought, backed up by core principles.

Subjects They Cover:


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