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Do you need to write a report for your college or university course? We can help!

A report can be an evaluation of research, an interpretation of facts or events, a concise record or a recommendation of some kind. Typical academic reports include:

  • Technical reports
  • Business reports
  • Field reports
  • Lab reports (for science)

Whatever type of report you've been asked to write, we can help.

When you place your order, we'll assign you an expert qualified in your area of study to at least the level you're working at. Optionally, you can provide your expert with your notes or a draft if you have one. Your expert will complete a fully customised original report for you which meets your exact requirements, and this can be delivered to your email inbox in as little as 3 hours.

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Report writing service

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How does your report writing service work?

Simply send us the title of your report and any notes, findings, drafts or marking schemes you'd like us to take into account. Our expert will create an original, fully referenced, fully researched report for you to your specifications. We'll check it and scan it for plagiarism using the most effective plagiarism software on the market today. Your report gets sent to you by email for you to review. If there's anything you're unhappy with, you have 10 full days from the due date to request changes.

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Why should I use your report writing service?

Report writing is a vital skill but many students have no idea how to create a report. Often, they end up submitting an essay broken into sub headings, assuming that this is what a report entails.

There are many differences between a report and an essay, some of which are highlighted here:

A report An essay
Presents information Presents an argument
Is meant to be scanned quickly by the reader Is meant to be read carefully
Uses numbered headings and subheadings Uses minimal sub-headings, if any
May not need references and bibliography/reference list Always needs references and bibliography/reference list
Uses short, concise paragraphs and bullet-points where applicable Links ideas into cohesive paragraphs, rather than breaking them down into a list of bullet-points
Uses graphics wherever possible (tables, graphs, illustrations) Rarely uses graphics
May need an abstract (sometimes called an executive summary) Will only need an abstract if it is very long, or if your lecturer asks for one specifically
May be followed by recommendations and/or appendices Seldom has recommendations or appendices

Our academic experts have years of experience both writing and marking reports. When you order work from us, you'll receive a well-structured, well-written piece of work that will serve as a template for many years to come.

Looking at how an expert completes a piece of work is a great way to learn and will help you with your report writing in the future.

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What are the benefits of your report writing service?

The benefits of our report writing service include:

  • A perfect example - see how an expert completes a report to a high standard.
  • All the answers - everything you need to know on your topic is included, ready for you to digest.
  • Save time - hours spent sifting through irrelevant materials to find what you need.
  • A template to follow - use your expert's work to create your own reports in future.

To get the greatest benefit from our report writing service, use the work as an example to create your own unique piece of work, rather than handing it in. This allows you to go through the learning process yourself and develop the skills you will need for your future academic and professional career.

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Why should I use ChinaStones to help me?

We are a well-known, well respected UK limited company based on Ludgate Hill close to St Paul's Cathedral in London. Our Company Registration Number is: 08866484 - do check our credentials at . There's more about us on our 'About' page.

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